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Transformation stories

It's been a pleasure to help so many people achieve their personal fitness goes and desired body shape.

Here's what a few of my clients had to say about the service.

Anthony Story

"I worked hard, but Kerry showed me how."

~ Anthony


Anthony's Story

At 22st I began training with Kerry to get in shape and feel better about myself.  Suddenly I saw the gym in a new light. I no longer spent an hour on a treadmill, I was was completing a range of training and fitness techniques and was making so much progress.  Kerry weighed me every week kept me motivated, focused and he's been a massive support!


I have worked hard but his advice and guidance has been the biggest key to the success. He's a top guy. I'm now 14st, and fitter than ever. 

Wayne Story

"I saw results instantly and still do to this day."

~ Wayne

WAYNE's Story

After leaving a 7 year long relationship, I decided to take the bull by the horns and join the gym. Kerry listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a bespoke training programme around my goals.

Kerry always pushes me to my next level, through any pain barrier and I am profoundly grateful for that. His advice on diet is spot on and helps me with my weekly meal planning. Kerry has been my true inspiration on my fitness journey. 

Garry's story

 "Kerry was also a motivating source behind my 7 stone weight loss."

~ Gary


GARY'S Story

Having always struggled with my weight and wanting to hit 30 looking and feeling my best, I was introduced to Kerry at the gym by my brother.  I was pleased not only with his regular encouragement, his personable approach to his clients but also his attention to making sure form and technique was always perfect when completing workouts and exercise. 

Whilst I put in the hard work both in and out of the gym, I have no doubt Kerry was also a motivating force behind my weight loss, loosing 7 stone and finally feeling confident within my own skin.

Ruth's Story

"Training with Kerry has quite simply changed my life."

~ Ruth

RUTH's Story

He is totally focused on helping me achieve my goals and planning every session to make it challenging but still enjoyable and he is always available to answer my questions about training and nutrition, even the stupid ones!


Kerry’s passion for what he does is infectious and I am constantly learning from him. Not only is he an excellent PT he is also a really nice guy, what more could you ask? I would highly recommend Kerry O'connor Personal Trainer Manchester to any seeking fitness advice.


are you ready to reach your optimal fitness level?

Kerry o'connor



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