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When starting out on your fitness journey, the majority of us will find any excuse to fall off the wagon! One of the best tools to use when it comes to longevity is MOMENTUM! Accumulate small wins throughout the day and you’ll get addicted to hitting them time and time again. Here’s a few things you can focus on to help you build momentum in the future:

🔶 Consistency: Keeping momentum means consistently showing up for YOU, even on days when motivation might be lacking, It's the repeated tiny effort that pay off over time. 

🔶 Faster Progress: With momentum, you improve faster. Each workout becomes easier than the last, because your stamina, strength, and resilience are continuously growing. 

🔶 Habits: Once momentum kicks in, exercise becomes part of your daily routine - something you just DO without negotiation or second guessing. 

🔶 Mental Benefits: It's not just about physical transformation. The discipline, determination, and empowerment achieved from keeping momentum translates into every other area of life too. 

So keep that momentum up, whether it's for #weightloss, #musclegrowth, or simply to feel good.

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